T Shirt Printing Business
Our Print Process

In our T shirt printing business, we use a revolutionary new process of printing called direct-to-garment printing. Our printing machine is the LEADER in this industry. They are a very well-known company and have tested their product extensively. The print is very durable and holds up very well in the laundry. There are no special laundry instructions.

The beauty of this machine we use in our t shirt printing business is that we can print basically anything that we can get on our computer (even if we need to scan it or create it from scratch) directly onto the shirt. No setup. No minimums!

What steps do you take when ordering with us?

1. Select and buy the style, color, and print area of your shirt. You can switch up steps number 2 and do 2 first and 1 second if you like.

2. Email us your design or design idea. Please keep in mind that the size of the image needs to be big enough to look good on the shirt. Our print area is 13.5 wide by 15.5 long. Of course, your image doesn't have to be that big, but just keep this in mind when sending the image. If it is sent as a small image at low resolution (use 300 dpi please) it would look blurry or pixelly when enlarged. We prefer JPG, TIF, BMP, or PDF files since they are usually easy for us to import. If you are not sure about the size of your image or how it will look on your shirt, just email it to us - we'll consult with you concerning this. If we need to do some or all of the design work, we will create a proof and email it to you for your approval. We won't print anything that we don't think will look crisp and clear.

3. Upon receipt of your approval, we'll print and mail your shirt(s). We will email you to let you know your order has been mailed and ask you to let us know when you receive it.

That's all there is to it - so go ahead - place that order! GIve our T Shirt printing business a try! You'll be glad you did.

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