T Shirt Fund Raiser

With this T shirt fund raiser method, you (or we!) create one or two designs to offer for sale. This method is perfect for churches, schools, and large groups - or even smaller groups wishing to sell shirts to a bigger group.

We (or you) create a design that your target group (possibly your whole community) would like. If you have a design that is already prepared or a design already in mind, please email (Anthony-at-PowellShirts.com) that to us, and we'll confirm that it would work well. If you can't think of a design, go ahead and contact us - we'll create one for you totally from scratch.

We will then create a custom order form for you (if you wish) - and you're ready to start taking those orders. Also, email us about getting a sample shirt for people to view before the orders are taken.

Please see our price lists to determine just how much your group could profit from this venture! Click on the link below to go to our main fundraiser page for a complete list of what we do to help you raise money.

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