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Looking for a way to make money on the internet? Here's our story -

We started our custom shirt printing business in September of 2006 after many years of wanting to have our own home business (many trials and many, many errors!). We decided to offer our shirts on the world wide web, so we went with probably the best known small business internet service provider. We were unsatisfied with their services. They did have good customer service, but their site building help was old-fashioned, and the design capabilities were greatly limited.

A friend recommended Site Sell (thanks, Ray!). We decided to give them a try.

They have an online tutorial with videos that walks you all the way through designing your website (actually much, much more than just designing).

First, they help you find your niche market. This didn't apply to our business that much since we already had decided to sell custom T shirts. However, they helped us set our priorities.

Site Sell also helped us find keywords to use in naming our pages and how to use these throughout our site so we could make money on the internet. This step also involved help with how to structure our site.

When we were ready to start building our site, Site Sell provided two choices - the easiest block builder steps (for someone like me!) or uploading your own HTML. (P.S. Our first website with the well known provider was my first attempt at building a website, and Site Sell was my second attempt. I came into this with absolutely no previous skills and had no assistance outside of Site Sell or information I found on simple web searches.)

To begin with, I used only the block builders. Now I use a combination of the block builders and inserting my own HTML code (such as the ads you will see on some of our pages on the top right).

Site Sell has an "Analyze It!" button at the bottom of their page builders. With one click of the button, they will analyze your page and tell you the changes you need to make.

Site Sell has helped us get a good bit of traffic to our site. Several of our pages rank in the top 30 on Google, Yahoo!, Ask, Live and other search engines.

We do have a product that we offer through our website, (You can offer our T shirts too - personalized with your design - without any monetary investment - see this link for more information about that.) but there are many others who make a substantial income without offering any product. They make money on the internet by building an "information" website, having Google ads (where the website owner makes money when someone clicks on the ad) and/or affiliate links (where the website owner makes money when someone clicks on the link AND buys a product). We're actually working on a site like that right now - see

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