Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas

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Looking for fundraiser ideas? We can will personalize a fundraiser package just for you! We will help you make your fundraiser a huge success. T-shirts are excellent fundraisers - T shirts are FUN - people LOVE them. When you buy from us, we do most of the work for you! See bottom of the page for a summary of our services.

We will help with the design, provide order forms, and MORE! This could be very profitable for
- Christian fund raising shirts,
- an elementary or high school fundraiser,
- environmental fund raising,
- a sports team fundraiser,
- youth fund raising,
- the list goes on and on!

If you or your group doesn’t want to bother with collecting orders, we’ve got that covered, too! Please see our

affiliate marketing services section to see how you can make money without handling a single T shirt or collecting a single order (Hint: We do all that for you.).

We offer three choices for fundraiser ideas packages. Please click on any of these links to find out more.

Custom T Shirt Fundraiser. With this method, you (or we!) Create one or two designs and offer them for sale. This method is perfect for Christian T shirt fund raisers, school fundraising ideas, sports fund raising, or any large groups - or even smaller groups wishing to sell shirts to a bigger group.

Personalized T Shirt Fundraiser. This fundraising method allows you to select a specific design (including but not limited to photo shirts) that can be personalized with individual names in one area. This is great for soccer, football, cheerleading, or any other sports team fund raising plus many other groups.

Generic fundraising. With this fundraiser idea, some generic T shirts that many people would like are sold. You can select from any of our predesigned shirts (coming to the website soon) or ask us to design one specifically for you.

Here's a summary of what we provide:

1. We will consult with you and design a shirt for your approval. We will also assist you in determining your price to your customers, if you wish.

2. We will meet with you (within a certain distance from Waynesboro, Mississippi - contact us about this.) and assist you in encouraging your "salespeople" - if you are an “internet” customer, we will be glad to answer any questions you have via email or phone (866-900-8470).

3. Email Anthony(at) about getting a sample shirt to display while taking orders.

4. We will provide you with an order form to copy for each salesperson, including an image of the shirt you are to sell.

5. We recommend selling the shirts for a specified period of time, two or three weeks would work best.

6. After you receive the orders and get them to us, we will process the order and even sort the shirts - placing each "salesperson's" order in a separate package. This step usually takes us less than a week - depending on the size of your order.

7. We will get the shirts back to you for delivery to the customer.

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