Design Own T Shirt
How to Get an Image to Us

Just how do you go about getting an image to us to design your own T Shirt?

All you have to do is email it to us - pam(at) or anthony(at) (Or if you are local and can't email it, bring a disc or high quality paper copy by. If you aren't local and can't email it, just stick it in mail or read below to learn how to email it. But don't mail your only copy, please - we will take good care of it, but no guarantees about the delivery service.) One of the beauties of our print process is that if we have it on our computer, we can just send it to the printer - what you see is what you get. We can print your photos, artwork, graphics, or whatever (as long as it's not copyrighted, obscene or objectionable) directly onto a shirt.

What kind of images do we need? We need high resolution images, and they must be near the size you want them to be on the shirt. Of course, we can redo a lot of stuff - especially text and simple designs, but we can't redo photos - so be sure you send them fairly large and at 300 dpi. Our print area is 13" x 15" - so keep that in mind - the image doesn't have to be that big - but if you want it enlarged, please don't send a small low resolution image. When small images are enlarged very much, they become extremely blurry. But don't worry - if you do send us an image that won't print well, we will let you know - we personally scrutinize every image we print to insure the highest quality. We will outline a few simple steps for sending a photo or image to us below, but please email us any further questions you might have.

If your photo or image is on a disc or your computer. It is probably already in the correct format (most likely a JPEG).

1. Place your disc into your disc drive.

2. Open up your mail program and then select "compose" (or whatever you select to begin an email).

3. Type our email address (pam(at) in the to space, and fill in the rest as normal, including a message to us.

4. Select "attach files" or your mail server may just say "attach."

5. Select "browse" and then navigate to the location of your image - whether it be on disc or on your computer.

6. Then select "open".

7. Select "attach files" again.

8. This should take you back to the message with the file attached - then click the "send" button - it's as simple as that!

If your image is on a hard (paper) copy and you wish to scan it to send a copy (If you don't have a scanner, you can go to your local digital photo processing lab and have your hard copy photo placed on a disc.) -

1. Open up your scanner program on your computer.

2. Select "preview now."

3. Select the area you wish to use (please allow up a good margin - especially if you want your photo in an oval or circular shape).

4. Select "Photo" and "Scan at 300 dpi."

5. Select "Scan Now."

6. Select "File" and "Save As."

7. Select an area on your computer to save the file - such as my pictures. Name the file whatever you wish. Also, make sure .JPG is selected as "Save As Type."

8. Follow the steps above for attaching the image to your email. - Presto - you have designed your own T-Shirt!

Again, please contact us if you have any questions.

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