Custom Logo T Shirts
for your Group or Organization

Here are some samples of custom logo T shirts we have done for groups and organizations. Some of the groups have submitted their own logos for print, and some have had us create the logos. The ones we created or added to are indicated with a golden star.

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As you can see from the samples below, we have prepared shirts for animal rescue leagues, dance groups (clogging, ballet, and many more), farm groups, fire departments, city functions, ladies groups, beauty pageant participants, church groups, plant societies, junior auxiliaries, family vacations, sewing groups, school groups, and many, many more!
Pug Rescue T Shirt

Pug Rescue T Shirt

We printed these shirts for a Pug Rescue league in Florida. They also chose to have us list these shirts on our website for them. This eliminated their having to distribute the shirts to several members plus purchasing shirts unnecessarily. The individual members or interested parties can simply purchase their own - and of course, we take care of the supply and shipping. We printed this shirt on several different light and bright colors, including some ladies styles and toddler sizes (for the pugs to wear, of course!).

Dance T Shirt

We created this clogging dance group T shirt for a local dance group. This design was printed on the brightest color shirt ever - safety green. The person ordering these shirts also had the dance group members sign a piece of paper which we scanned and used for the back print. She enjoys the fact that whenever she has a new member, she can just have them sign their name on the paper and then come get a shirt for them.

Alpaca T Shirt

This design was printed for an Alpaca group in Ohio. They submitted the design just as it was, but it was a bit blurry when I enlarged it, so I had to redo the design, inserting all of the individual logos. They selected regular white T-shirts, white sweatshirts, and long-sleeved T-shirts.

Fire T Shirt Front Fire T Shirt Back

We designed and printed these firefighter T shirts for the Crockett Fire Department. They selected gray for their shirt color.

Christmas T Shirt Christmas T Shirt Back

We printed this design for the Millry Chamber of Commerce to wear at their annual Christmas Parade. They had the design printed on red T-shirts.

Fire T Shirt Front 2 Fire T Shirt Back 2

We created this fire department T shirt for the Denham Fire Department. They had their design printed onto Carolina Blue T-shirts, both long and short sleeves.

Red Hat Society T Shirts

We created this design similar to Red Hat Society T shirts for some Pink Pearl Girls. The customer chose to have the design printed on the front upper left only of some ladies style Ts.

Junior Miss T Shirt

We printed this Junior Miss T shirt onto some gray shirts. The customer provided the image - we just scanned it and printed it directly onto the shirt.

Pageant T Shirt Front Pageant T Shirt Back

This is a pageant T-shirt design we created for a local Toys for Tots pageant.

Bible Memory T Shirt

This is a Bible Memory group for which we printed these Kingdom Seekers T Shirts onto gray T shirts.

Flower Society T Shirt Front Flower Society T Shirt Back

The Virginia Native Plant Society submitted this custom logo T shirt design (flower block) to be printed onto the front of some white T-shirts. These flowers printed out in beautiful detail. For the back, they chose a small design in the center near the collar - kind of like a label. They also submitted the graphic for this design - we just added the text.

Drilling Rig T Shirt

This customer had us print this artwork he created of his drilling rig directly onto a T shirt. They were used as gifts for the rig hands.

Junior Auxiliary T Shirt 1

Junior Auxiliary T Shirt 2 Junior Auxiliary T Shirt 3

We printed these Junior Auxiliary T shirts onto white, light pink, azalea,and light blue T shirts. We added the text to the first custom logo T shirt design. For the two other designs, one of the group members did the artwork, and we scanned it to print it directly onto the shirts.

Ballet T Shirt

This colorful custom logo T shirt design was created by a very talented mother in our local ballet school. The ballet teacher scanned the design and emailed it to us - we printed it directly onto white, light pink, and pale yellow T shirts.

Family Vacation T Shirt

These family vacation T shirts feature the names of all of the participants circled around a sailboat since they would be spending lots of time sailing. They were printed onto light blue T shirts.

Childrens Group T Shirts

This design was imprinted onto lime T shirts for the children's group at Millry Baptist Church.

Miss Hospitality T Shirt front Miss Hospitality T Shirt Back

We designed these custom logo T shirts as a Miss Hospitality T shirt for our local Chamber of Commerce. We selected the state flower - a magnolia to accent the design.

Sewing Group T shirt

This customer emailed us this cute custom logo T shirt design to have printed onto T shirts of several different colors for a gathering of a sewing group.

Ballet T Shirt 2 Ballet T Shirt 3

These are some ballet T shirts we have printed for customers in the past. The teacher simply emailed us the design, and we printed it directly onto the shirts. They have chosen a variety of styles in the past, including regular T shirts, sweatshirts, and sleeveless T shirts.

Beta Club T Shirt Back

These designs were printed onto light blue tie dyed T shirts for the Sand Hill Junior Beta Club. They selected these shirts to go along with their ocean themed Beta Club Convention. Front design graphic coming soon. They submitted the artwork for these shirts. The members of the club signed their names inside the 08 on the back of the T-shirts.

Homeschool Group T Shirt

This homeschool group T shirt artwork was printed onto several different styles and colors.

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