Custom Christian T Shirts

Powell Shirts is a Christian T shirt company providing high quality custom Christian T shirts. Here are some samples of Christian T shirts we have printed. The designs marked with a golden star are the ones we created.

As you can see from the samples below, we have prepared shirts for churches (Bible Bowl, youth groups, VBS, Sunday School classes, etc.), Christian ladies retreats, Relay for Life walks, Christian youth camps, family conferences, Christian schools, mission trips, festivals, plus lots more! Bible Bowl T shirt 2007

Bible Bowl T shirt 2007 photo Bible Bowl T shirt FUL 2007 photo

Bible Bowl FUL 2 photo 2007

These shirts were designed for a church participating in a Bible Bowl competition. The customer had the idea for this great design. The theme was safari related. She photographed a fabric that they had used for a bulletin board background and emailed it to me. For the bulletin board she had the names hidden in the fabric with a magnifying glass attached. For the shirt design, I "hid" the children's names on the fabric design also and included a graphic of a magnifying glass highlighting the title of the event.

The children were divided into groups according to different animals. The front upper lefts of these shirts featured individual personalization with the child's name and a graphic representing their "animal" group. For the participants, the customer chose polo shirts.

Relatives and fans got T shirts to show their support for the participants. Their shirts had the same design on the backs with the front also featuring individual personalization with the graphic(s) of their child's group and their title, such as Kelsey's Nanny, Brandon's Sister, etc.

I Am Covered Ministries T Shirt FUL I Am Covered Ministries T shirt Photo

The above shirts were printed for I Am Covered Ministries' annual Resurrection Fellowship. They chose light blue sports shirts for this Christian T shirt printing. They provided the crown/dove logo, and we added the text.

Below is another design we have printed for I Am Covered Ministries. This beautiful image looked great when printed using our digital garment printing process. They chose several colors for this design, including orchid, pale pink, pale yellow, gold, and light blue.

Resurrection T Shirt

Relay for Life T Shirt

We created this design for a local church that was participating in Relay for Life. This was printed on the front upper left. The back design included names of members, friends, and family members who had been touched by cancer.

Youth Camp T Shirt Back Youth Camp T shirt front

This back design was provided by the South Mississippi Free Will Baptist Youth Camp. We outlined the text and added some accents so it would show up better when printed. This mingled design looked great when printed onto the light blue shirts with our print process (no plastic - very authentic!). We designed the front upper left image to closely match the back.

Ministry T Shirt Front Ministry T Shirt back

This T-shirt design was prepared for a Christian Parent and Youth Conference.

Memory Verse T shirt

We created this design at the request of one of our favorite customers. It was printed on a lime green T shirt. This Christian T shirt gift was given in recognition of a child who had memorized a lot scriptures.

Christian Academy T shirt front Christian Academy T Shirt back

This design was created and printed for a local Christian school to wear while sharing the Christmas story in our local Christmas parade.

Christian Mission T Shirt

This Christian mission T shirt was designed for Audubon Drive Bible Church of Laurel, Mississippi, to wear on their Mexican mission trip.

Mt Moriah Church T Shirt

We designed and printed these T-shirts for Mt. Moriah Church. They chose teal colored shirts for this printing.

Church T Shirts Vacation Bible School T Shirt

The design on the left was created for a local church as a Christian T shirt gift for members of a Sunday School class. The one on the right was created for their VBS T shirt design.

Jehovah Jireh T Shirt

This Jehovah Jireh Ministries T-shirt design was created by another one of our favorite customers. She chose pebble colored shirts for her custom Christian T shirts, and they looked great with this design imprinted on them.

Christian Mission T Shirt

This is another Christian Mission T shirt we printed. This customer chose front upper left print for this Romanian flag design.

Sister Chicks T shirt

This fun Sister Chicks T shirt design was bought to be presented as gifts to fellow sister chicks. It was printed on pink Hanes Beefy Ts.

Fall Festival T Shirt

This design was created for two Leakesville churches as they came together to celebrate a Fall Festival. It was imprinted onto the brightest T-shirt color available - safety green.

Revival Center T Shirt

These custom Christian T shirts were designed and printed for the Wayne County Revival Center. For their first order, they chose teal shirts. For their second order, they are getting bright safety green T shirts with red print.

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