Custom Bluegrass Band T Shirts

Bluegrass Band T shirts

Custom Bluegrass Band T Shirts

Get custom bluegrass band T shirts with no minimums and extremely low pricing!

Custom band T shirts are inexpensive billboards advertising your unique music.

You actually have two options (or a combination of both) for offering custom band shirts through Powell Shirts -

Option #1 - Buy the shirts directly from us to resell to your customers.

Option #2 - We can list the shirts here on our website, and you can provide a link to our listing OR we can provide a shopping cart button code and graphics for you to advertise the Ts on your website or in your newsletter. When people buy, we receive the order information (which we'll forward to you for your records) and fulfill the order. Your band will receive a portion of the proceeds all with no monetary investment (not to mention not having to lug around all those T shirts)!

Or you can do a combination of the above - buy shirts from us to resell and have us handle your internet sales.

We want to keep your prices confidential; therefore, please fill out this form, and you will receive an automatic response highlighting our special deal for bluegrass bands and then a personal email that will address any specific questions you might have.

Custom Shirts for Your Bluegrass Band

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purchasing Ts to sell directly to your fans
having us list Ts/provide button code for internet sales
a combination of the above

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