Baseball T Shirts

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Baseball T Shirts

$12 each

NOTE FOR WAYNE COUNTY DIXIE YOUTH BASEBALL PARTICIPANTS - Orders are always welcome, but please order by Monday, MARCH 19, if you want your baseball T shirts by Opening Day which is April 7.*


Coaches, please click here to submit your rosters.

Many of you have ordered baseball T shirts from us in the past, and we appreciate your business!! Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of changes occur in our lives and our business, and we won’t be able to handle taking orders and delivering them in the way we have done in the past. Therefore, this year we are accepting only online or mail orders. You will receive the same high-quality shirts personalized on the front upper left with your “title” (such as Nate’s Mom, Breanna’s PawPaw, etc.), some sort of baseball graphic, and the team design. The backs of these baseball T shirts will feature a roster of all the players, baseball graphics, and the team design.

*If you order by March 19, we will mail your shirt(s) by April 2. For local orders, the USPS quotes, but does not guarantee, one-day shipping, so you should receive your order in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee that the USPS will deliver your shirts on time - only that we will mail them on time.

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