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Are you involved in a group or business that would like to offer T-shirts through our affiliate marketing services featuring your logo or design* for sale with absolutely NO monetary investment? AND even receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale?!!! All this is possible without your even handling a single shirt!

How can this be possible? With our high quality professional digital garment printer, we can affordably print just one shirt. This eliminates the need for attempting to guess at how many shirts you might sell (not to mention trying to decide the sizes to order) and risk the possibility of having excess shirts left over. Of course, if you would like to go ahead and order custom shirts directly from us to resell yourself, we will be glad to help. Click on Custom Ts. You can do this and also take advantage of this offer of our fulfilling individual orders for you.

*If you already have a logo or design you would like to offer on your shrits, just email that to us (Pam (at) Or, if you would like for us to create a design for you, just let us know. We will create a draft and email it to you for your approval. You can even offer individually personalized shirts!!!!

We will then set up a minimum sale price. This price will include a $3 commission you will make from each one of your shirts we sell through our affiliate marketing services. If you want to make a higher profit, you can just add that amount to the price and let us know. We will then create an “add to cart” button code and email it to you. You can paste that code into your newsletter and/or place it on your website. We also offer you the option of having your shirt listed for sale here at our website. Click on any of the links below to see the shirts some other groups are offering. Contact us for references.

Here is a list of groups or businesses that could benefit from our affiliate marketing services.
- Nonprofit groups such as charitable organizations
- Music groups (bands, choirs...)
- Church groups
- Clubs
- Fundraisers (to support someone with an illness or loss, etc. - Also, see our FUNDRAISER section.)
- Athletic groups
- School groups
- Businesses
- Family reunions (That’s right!!! We can set these up whether or not you wish to receive the $3 commission. You could always get the commission and apply it to reunion expenses such as rental or items necessary for the gathering.)
- The list goes on and on.

Contact us now to get started with our affiliate marketing services or if you have any questions.

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