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Powell Shirts is a family-owned custom T shirt shop striving to provide a high quality product for our customers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. Our shirts are made of fine materials, and the design is very breathable. We are very "hands on" in our print process - each item is carefully inspected and approved by us before shipping.

We began this custom print shirt business in September of 2006. Before starting this business, Anthony was employed at a building materials wholesaler, and Pam was a stay-at-home mom. We had dreamed for years (basically since we were married in 1990) of having our own home business. We were Providentially lead to the shirt printing business. We made arrangements to buy our equipment, and were off to a great start.

Anthony does all of the shirt printing, handles local sales and phone calls, manages shipping and delivery, and is the "boss" of this operation.

Pam continues to be a stay-at-home mom but now also handles the website design, internet orders, and most of the email correspondence. Pam also does most of the shirt designing.

Our 14-year-old daughter Rosalie designs shirts also and is our shipping clerk. Rosalie plays and teaches violin/fiddle. She also takes Christian ballet.

Ben, our 11-year-old son, helps with a lot of the office work, including filing and sorting/inventory. He enjoys playing on a local Dixie Youth Baseball Team and has participated in All Stars every year since he began playing. He also plays the violin/fiddle.

Our three other children, Rebekah (8), Elon (4), and Isaac (20 months) help out as needed. (Well, I can't honestly say that the 20-month-old helps that much, but he's learning every day.) Rebekah loves to design shirts, and we believe she'll be an excellent designer before long. She takes ballet and violin/fiddle.

Since beginning this custom T-shirt shop, we have been greatly blessed with many wonderful customers! We look forward to serving you in the future!

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