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"The American View -
1. There is an Almighty, everlasting, omniscient God - the God of the Bible - Who is active in the affairs of men.
2. Our rights, including our right to life, liberty and property, come from Him.
3. It is the purpose of civil government to secure, protect and defend these God-given rights. And when such government becomes destructive of these God-given rights, it is our duty to alter or abolish that civil government!"


American View Horrified Man printed on front and back of a 100% preshrunk cotton T.

Printed on the front and back of a 100% preshrunk cotton T.

*Natural is not available in 4x or 5x.

All prices include U.S. First Class Shipping (a $3 value). If you are ordering more than three shirts to be mailed to the same address, please contact us for a lower shipping rate. Also, contact us to inquire about other styles, such as long sleeves, sweatshirts, etc.

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